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Faire Montréal

Faire Montréal is a place for dynamic and transparent discussion between the city, its residents and the greater Montréal community. This platform aims to support and intensify the Montréal community’s enthusiasm for mobilization through new means of collaboration that will give citizens the chance to unify their actions to make Montréal. 

Faire Montréal offers dynamic tools to instigators of change who want to play an active role in developing their community, making Montréal a large and inspiring city.  

Faire Montréal wants to support the existing collaborative movement and help residents contribute to projects with tangible and measurable human, social and economic benefits.

Je fais Montréal

The Je fais Montréal movement was created to support and facilitate the achievement of 181 commitments made by Montréal leaders from all walks of life. 
Thanks to the powerful mobilization that created these 181 projects, the movement is posed to increase Montréal’s prosperity through creative and exemplary actions. 

An Advisory, Development and Innovation (ADI) Council (in French) was created to provide additional support for projects and increase their scope, as well as a Je fais Montréal Index (in French) to measure the socio-economic impact of projects on the city. 

Projects were divided into 12 ecosystems (in French). 

By definition, an ecosystem is dynamic, compact and alive. It promotes synergy, fosters interaction between its components and amplifies the scope of each component’s actions. 

Ecosystems are divided into two categories:

  • Leverage ecosystems (in French): Accelerator projects that give residents innovative tools to act and transform the city long-term.
  • Target ecosystems (in French): Target projects make a direct and significant contribution to improving Montréal and the well-being of its residents and communities.

The concept of ecosystems gave a structure to what is now the Je fais Mtl movement: a movement that, through incredible resident mobilization, is working to make Montréal “a city of opportunities.”

H2 Sustainable Montréal

Working together for a sustainable city!
The Sustainable Montréal approach aims to stimulate the development of sustainable development projects and initiatives in Montréal. 

Here, this approach takes the form of collaborative projects created by the Montréal community to make Montréal a green, prosperous and fair-trade city.

It is also a concrete way for organizations of all kinds and all sizes to make a commitment as partners of the 2016-2020 Sustainable Montréal Plan. Organizations can suggest a project that fits with one of the four priorities of the plan or contribute to an existing project.

Four priorities:

  • Priority 1: Reducing GHG emissions and dependence on fossil fuel
  • Priority 2: Greening, increasing biodiversity and ensuring the continuity of resources.  
  • Priority 3: Ensuring access to healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods, on a human scale
  • Priority 4: Transitioning to a green, circular and responsible economy

Using a collaborative approach and residents’ experience and resourcefulness, municipal employees, public institutions and private companies are working together to design and carry out projects to make Montréal a truly smart city, by and for its residents.

The Montréal, Smart and Digital City approach

Reflecting a human and forward-thinking city, the purpose of the Montréal, Smart and Digital City approach is to develop innovative know-how through an ecosystem that promotes the emergence of original solutions to urban issues. 

Technology is used to leverage economic growth and make concrete improvements to Montrealers’ quality of life. 

Montréal, Smart and Digital City is a group of structuring, mobilizing projects to make Montréal an open, innovative and human city. 

Evolving projects

A progress meter makes it possible for you to see a project’s current phase of development. Understanding evolving projects

Discovery Diagnostic & design 17 projects

Development Startup & experimentation phase 61 projects

Test Test phase & final corrections 25 projects

Deployment Public launch phase & ongoing improvements 162 projects