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Collaborative Platform Netiquette


Collaboration and citizen action are at the heart of Montréal’s development strategy. In order to support and increase the momentum of our community’s mobilization, the city has made a commitment to providing new methods of collaboration that enable residents to combine their actions to create Montréal. 
Inspired by the city’s Consultation and Public Participation Policy, which promotes participatory democracy as a harmonious adjunct to representative democracy, the Faire Montréal platform has three objectives:

  • Developing co-innovation by mobilizing collective intelligence around projects that are promising for Montréal.
  • Providing the community – Montréal businesses, institutions of knowledge, civil society and reisdents – with the means to build virtual and physical relationships and benefit from the synergies their collaboration brings forth.
  • Provide residents with the documents and tools they need to stay informed, monitor the progress of projects and contribute to their achievement. 

A platform Faire Montréal

The Faire Montréal collaborative platform brings together projects with a common goal: to make our city a better place. It is a dynamic and transparent meeting place for the city and its residents. The new platform will give leaders of change the opportunity to work together to make Montréal a great and inspiring city.

Faire Montréal is a lever that fosters the emergence of a collaborative movement, enabling residents to help create projects with human, social and economic benefits that are tangible and measurable. 
Faire Montréal is your platform for collaborating, taking action and building Montréal!

What is netiquette?

Netiquette is a set of rules for conduct and decorum online, including behaviours and attitudes that should be avoided. It sets out values for successful cooperation that include tolerance, respect for others, listening and courtesy.

Faire Montréal’s Netiquette guidelines

Faire Montréal’s Netiquette guidelines aim to promote, maintain and ensure an environment of cooperation and respectful, constructive discussions where all users can share their ideas, knowledge, expertise and constructive dialogue. The Netiquette guidelines are as follows:

  • Access to the platform and content distribution are open to everyone, no matter their age, race, religion, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. 
  • When registering, you must provide authentic personal information. 
  • As well, all personal information you provide must be accurate, complete and non-ambiguous. Using someone else’s name or social denomination is prohibited. This rule also applies to moderators and administrators. 
  • Using an alias is not allowed. 
  • Courteous language must be used at all times. Keep in mind that each person contributes towards making the space collaborative and each idea that someone shares is deserving of respect. 
  • Before you write something on a collaborative wall, make sure that the information you provide is complete, objective, relevant, friendly and accessible. 
  • You can write in the language of your choice, but we suggest that you write in French or English so that what you write is accessible to the greatest number of people. 
  • Do not repeat the same idea several times, or Faire Montréal may delete it. 
  • Before publishing an idea, make sure a similar idea hasn’t already been published. If so, please help to develop the existing idea instead.
  • Do not write in all caps; this is considered shouting online. Instead, use boldface to highlight specific areas of text. Évitez d’écrire en majuscule, cela est interprété comme des cris ou des signes de protestation. 
  • Respect all copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property rights or any other property rights. You must be the author and owner of your content or cite the sources that you have used. 
  • Do not give out personal information about yourself or others, such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Moderators are able to put users in touch when contact is required or seems relevant.
  • Do not use the platform to ask the city questions or make request. Instead, call 311. 
  • By using the platform, you expressly accept that Faire Montréal or designated third parties can re-use the information you have provided. 
  • In a context of creative thinking and collaboration resulting from discussions on the platform, all contributions are open to discussion and can be enriched.
  • Ideas shared on the platform, whether they are in text, image, audio, video or other digital format, must comply with certain rules. Any content that contains the following types of language will not be tolerated:
    • Vulgar, obscene or pornographic language.
    • Insulting, offensive or defamatory language.
    • Language that is discriminatory, racist, hate-filled, xenophobic, sexist or that denigrates an ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. 
    • Statements that are published repetitively; threats, harassment, personal attacks or provocation.
    • Statements that could harm or compromise someone else. 
    • Statements that incite criminal or repressive acts. 
    • Statements that are inconsistent with good morality, public order, or current laws and regulations. 
    • Statements that promote hatred or violence 
    • Illicit statements, in particular internal or confidential information that was acquired or disclosed as part of a work contract or confidentiality agreement
    • Statements that disclose personal information about another person that could adversely affect him or her and/or enable his or her identification 
    • Publicity, propaganda, or solicitation for political, professional or commercial purposes
    • Statements that are off-topic or personal discussions between one or more people. 
    • Statements in SMS language or any other format that does not follow current and established grammar usage.

Faire Montréal reserves the right to archive the content you publish and index it on Internet search engine. Also, in full knowledge, we suggest you not publish unverified information without carefully considering your tone and message. Your content may be modified for reasons of size, length or clarity.

Faire Montréal shall not be held responsible for content and opinions on the platform, which are the personal opinions of their authors. However, Faire Montréal reserves the right to moderate and supervise content, and not to publish or to delete, at its entire discretion, all or part of any content that violates Netiquette rules or that are the subject of a claim by a third party. If a person continues to post messages that violate Netiquette rules, Faire Montréal can remove his or her access privileges and/or platform membership without notice. IP addresses are recorded for safety reasons and Faire Montréal reserves the right to block those who make threats or are disrespectful to other participants.

Faire Montréal reserves the right to modify its Netiquette rules without notice and at its full discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.